Made all minecarts 20% faster

They were slow man...

by MrAndu on Monday 20 May 2013 - 14:22:22

Added colorcarts!

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Expansion plugin for railroads!
Place colorful blocks under tracks for particular event.


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by MrAndu on Saturday 27 April 2013 - 16:39:04

Minecraft 1.5 Server is Live!

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Server has been updated to Minecraft 1.5 with the "total recall" map ;)

We're running bukkit!

Check out our Plugins ;)


by MrAndu on Wednesday 13 March 2013 - 17:08:50

Minecraft 1.5 Great news for VIPs!

Mojang kept releasing snapshots and pre-releases...

Now it's our time!

Minecraft 1.5 is supposed to be released in 2 days - on 13th this week!

When 1.5 hits, we will update straight away and launch the total recall project!
But, it will be whitelisted until bukkit drags along.

This is good news if you have a Donator aka VIP status for us! You will be whitelisted!

Head start woo!

by MrAndu on Monday 11 March 2013 - 21:19:48

Update news.

Me and Merc have completed the plans and preparations for the new(+old) minecraft 1.5 Survival server (project Total Recall).

[*] All plugins have been picked out (see server->plugins page)
[*] All plugins are configured.
[*] Map has been pre-generated on 13w04a snapshot (and has the new features like quartz in nether and chestcarts in mineshafts)
[*] All old buildings that were requested from the old Survival map have been transferred to the new map (no chests).
[*] The website is already updated with new information. All you see on the website goes for 1.5, not for the current Apocalypse server

Now, all we need to do, is wait for Minecraft 1.5 (redstone update) to be released and ported to bukkit.

We can not go to the new version before bukkit, this is because it would be griefed badly without protection plugins.

Please be patient and "have a life" ;) until Mojang releases 1.5 and it is ported to CraftBukkit.

Need more info? Browse the website, all information is up-to-date :) good job Merc_!

by MrAndu on Monday 11 February 2013 - 00:06:19

Total Recall

Hi there family

We're planning some big changes around the server.

Straight to the point then:

New MAP - totally clean and new map
Old Epic Builds - We will bring back the epic builds and transfer them to the new map! hvtown will be spawn ;)
LWC, Dynmap, Economy etc - the best plugins we've seen...
And lots more!

If you have a request to transfer your house/build or need more info, let us know in IRC

Be ready... tell your friends...

by MrAndu on Sunday 27 January 2013 - 18:46:51

PvP, Backpack and ElementalArrows

You can now use packpacks and Special arrows ingame.

To use the Backpack:

type /backpack
for spoutcraft clients: press "b"
This is basically extra 9 slots in your inventory.

NB! If you die you will lose the items.
VIP items will remain :)


See here:

To craft: replace flint with corresponding item. (dirt/gunpowder/egg etc.)

As for PvP, it can be toggled by /pvp (vip only)

by MrAndu on Tuesday 15 January 2013 - 09:17:34

MKEU Monster Siege

We've put up a new server to play with vanilla client.

The server has extrahard difficulty, features Monster Apocalypse and Darkness.

Mobs can break all blocks.
Build your house smart and well defended.

enjoy :)

by MrAndu on Friday 04 January 2013 - 16:16:00

Server fixes

* Builders recipe disabled "Builder is utterly broken guys. Don't use it on any world you care about. A rewrite is on the todo list".
* canPlayerBeSuckedToTheMoon=0 No more killing players with nasty gun.
* http support for CC use "pastebin" command in ComputerCraft to upload/download scripts.

by e107 on Sunday 23 December 2012 - 14:27:43

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