Before hosting the HVSMP server, Merc_ hosted a HV Classic Server (later called Estonian Builders) for about 5-6 months.

August 4th, 2010 - Merc_ started hosting HVSMP at his home on a Core i3 and it was from an Elion DTV (1mbit/s up) connection. The map was the famous "Tirion". Server could handle a maximum of 8 to 10 players, which made it into a lag and duping paradise. This went on about for 3 months and there was less than 10 unique members (players).

Next, the server was handed over for hosting to ventt (who got banned later, lol). Also, his AMD and 100mbit network setup was inadequate for our needs. There was a huge amount of lag caused by his crappy hardware and so-called "blackouts", when the server was down for hours, were quite frequent. The map was the same "Tirion". Still, the server could only handle about 10-13 players. Hosting on his setup lasted a bit less than a month.

Because ventti was untrusted now, we needed a new host and moved over to Cemty Hosting. FUUUUUUUUU! The worst host ever, please stay away from them, if you're going to ever host a server! They were using PingFaker, which caused a lot of latency issues for our players. We beared it for about a month and the price was between 9 and 10€ per month. Also, we had to reset the map because of the biomes update.

Next host was Ander, who had quite awesome hardware to host on :P but alas, it didn't last for long. The map was the same as it was on Cemty.
The only way for us to survive, was to request donations and move over to a VPS. It worked, but we were quite unsure, how long we could keep up with the costs. Also we had to reset again to a brand new map, because Ander had built some kind of an ugly wall and made it into a build/survival mix and then shared resources to people, which was defeating the point of survival.

Then, in a very small time period, lots of fun, not-so-fun, cool and uncool stuff happened (multiple host changes with furious rages, Tekkit, FTB, Apocalypse etc).

Now the server is owned and managed by MrAndu, all this out of his free time and while raising a family.
We have a dedicated machine and network for the server. Everything is as stable as it can be and Minekraft.eu server can now handle Bukkit/Spigot/Paper with about 10 plugins for 10-20players, dynmap and logging tools without any hiccups whatsoever.
Server is whitelisted and there are no rules, players are selected to play on the server very carefully.