There are no rules on this server, players can do what they want but generally we are all good people.

[1. General Advice]

  • [1.1] Be respectful. Be ethical. Be sensible.
  • [1.2] Try not to harass other players.
  • [1.3] Try not to grief ANY buildings.
  • [1.4] Try not to abuse and cause lag on the server.
  • [1.5] Try your best bot to leave the tops of trees floating in the air.
  • [1.6] Try not to build single (1x1) towers.
  • [1.7] Try not to modify the work of others, if you wish to help, ask.
  • [1.8] Your structures can be rolled back if accidents happen. But don't count on it.
  • [1.9] Do not ask any kind of promotion, we do not have ranks.